Today was amazing!  On top of cutting this amazing rainbow fluorite into a few beautiful cabochons I was able to get outside with a few pendants and the camera!

11222195_10155788355345217_8801998640453944152_n  11666286_10155788355185217_8602342392279007336_n

I love the rustic vibe in these photos. I have this weathered stump in my yard that I thought would make a great landscape for my pendants.


This is a shot of the group.


Wild Horse Jasper


Moss Agate


Tree Agate


Noreena Jasper

These pendants are all hand cut stone and woven in bare copper. They were then dipped in a liver of sulfur mixture to achieve a patina.  They are then polished to highlight the copper and then the copper is coated in wax to protect the finish.



I Love Summer

Happy Solstice friends!

Super excited for the season!  So far it has started off with a bang!!  I just vended at my city’s annual Multicultural festival and it was a total blast!  This is the start of an amazing season!


Dream Catchers


My Sister and I ( I am on the right )  🙂


The Display!

It was a wonderful weekend and I am looking forward to many more!!!


“Every Stone Has a Story”

I have got to say I’m pretty excited to share the most recent developments in my world…After being quite ill for December and January I am finally on the other side of this Crohns flare 🙂  My doc is amazing, and together we sorted out my remicade dosing. So I am happy to say that between that and foods, teas and a few supplements I am feeling almost back to my normal crazy self 🙂

Besides that I have spent some time opening an Etsy shop:…I cant wait to see what transpires from that…Here is a peek at some of the items I have listed there:

Amethyst FotorChrysocolla Red Aventurine Auralite 23

So then I came up with a new line of jewelry called “Every Stone Has A Story”.  This line is unique in that is going to be especially sentimental to YOU!  What this line represents is stones that mean something to you that I can transform into functional jewelry. The first in this series is from a gentleman that received this piece of amethyst from his mother when he was a boy. He has carried it his whole life and now that he is grown, and a father himself… he wanted a unique and beautiful way to give it back to his mother to thank her for everything. This is what I came up with for him!

Roughgrind 2looking goodready for wirewire 3bare copperall done

I love how this piece turned out and I cant wait to get started on my next order!!  Until next time my friends!


Despite everything its been a Delightful December

I must say I am quite content sitting in my comfy nest enjoying the lights of my Christmas Tree and all the smells of the baking and cooking that have been taking place around the house in the last couple of days.


Spending time in the days completing last minute orders of jewelry for customers and in and out of doctors offices.  This is the tell tale sign of a Crohn’s flare that just wont settle down.  I was put back on prednisone in the beginning of December and a few other meds to try and calm this flare down.  Its been a real challenge to make the day to day work smoothly…I just figure I will nap here and there and take it easy.  Sometimes you just need to slow down.  I guess that’s what I needed.  I have been flaring off and on since May of this year.  Right around the time I had my gall bladder removed.  Me and my docs thought maybe I was just having an immune response from the surgery.  But now after 6 months since surgery, it seems that I may have become unresponsive to my current treatment.  I get remicade infusions every 6 weeks to control the Crohn’s Disease.  Today may have been my last infusion.  I have been getting remicade now for almost 11 years.  I had a test this morning to see if it is still effective.  Bittersweet I suppose.  I am lucky that it worked for me for so long but I do have mixed feelings and anxiety about trying something new.

In the meantime though I present Pomanders and Rainbows!!!

10689960_10154798272995217_1817074115056680314_n   1010462_10154798273115217_4048726812076649111_n10501669_10154798273255217_968390730842003465_n

These pomanders are super fun to make and they smell amazing!!!  Me and my daughter made a few of these to help ward off illness in the house and make everything smell yummy.   All you need are a few firm oranges, whole cloves, cinnamon sticks and some ribbon. Simply stud the orange with the cloves and tie up the orange with some ribbon and tie in a cinnamon stick.  You could also thread some yarn straight through the orange to hang it as well.  Super easy!

Next Rainbows!!!


There is nothing more inspiring than rainbows, I often find myself cutting at my machine for an afternoon and when I am all done I have somehow cut something in every color.   That always makes me smile 🙂

Hello my friends!!!

Pleased to meet you!! With this blog I hope to offer a place for inspiration, conversation and friendship.  I want to share what i do with the world and help those that wish to pursue something similar.  I love art and creativity and unique, and quirky things.  I want to see everything and learn everything, so if I am able to help somebody else with something they want to learn, then I am happy!

My name is Shelley and I am a lapidary artist and wire wrapper/weaver!  I take various raw semi-precious stones and cut and polish them into fine designer cabs. From there I wire wrap them into a stunning finished product using Copper, Argentium Silver or 14K Gold filled wire.

I use various mediums for creating my jewelry; from fine bead loom work to hand made hemp designs. The possibilities are endless!  10698391_10154711637485217_7137915630498765646_n